Playing Catch in Drupal, where are the Forums?

In Dries', The State of Drupal, talk at the 2007 OSCMS Summit, he mentioned a few things that Drupal needs to play catch up on. The chief one that resonated with me is how the Drupal forum module is rather undeveloped compared to the other cool features and innovations that Drupal 4.7 and 5.x have delivered.

For Drupal 6 taxonomy versioning, incremental Form API features and a menu system rewrite will all advance Drupal, but yet again the forums are so far not being focused on. The need for moderator tools, access systems like forum_access to be in core, and other ways to extend what is a forum topic (like a poll) all should be worked on in some way or other. I know that many core developers want the forums to improve, but they just don't have the time to split their focus from what they are doing to place time and energy into the forum module.

I am hoping to help give a rallying cry soon for the Drupal Forums, investigating needed changes and mapping any architectural changes, recommend features/roadmap and gather the force to make the drupal forums better. The is where some of the thoughts and actions of others has started to play out. So join in there if you can help.

Just a note to say... "Doing

Just a note to say... "Doing my part." ; )

I've been fixing up the forums at lately to look nice and pretty... GoustiFruit reworked the Flatforum code I was using, and then I built on that. I recently released the Comment Page module to give vBulletin style permalinks to thread replies.

And I'm knee deep in totally revamping the Private Message module. You should see the results soon enough... I hope to finish the modifications tomorrow at work.


Hey that sounds great. It is

Hey that sounds great. It is fun to contribute back. Some of my patches have slowed down in the queue, but I will try to push them before the code freeze.