Beta Launch of in Drupal

For the last few months, I have been working to port an ASP/MSSQL site in Drupal. How To Do is a site were everyday experts can share their knowledge. We completely redesigned the look of the site, migrated the 4000+ articles into 200+ categories, and 600+ current contributors.

Technically we are still in Beta, but mostly the work left do to is optimizing the code, streamlining workflow and editorial processes, and tweaking the design. When we launch out of beta, I will be supplying a case study, and a more complete technical breakdown of the site (which includes Google AdSense API implementations, custom category pages, custom profile pages for contributors, heavily laden CCK node/theming for the actual articles, extensive use of the workflow module with custom actions among other item).

Enjoy. Feedback and comments are always appreciated.

I'm impressed. The site

I'm impressed.

The site looks great, intuitive and has a "fun" feel to it. Another plus is that it doesn't immediately looks like a Drupal installation. If I could give one tip: change the ">" bullets to actual unordered list bullets. Those are in ugly contrast to the slick theme and icons and make the whole look a tad unfinished. For all I'm concerned if you fix this, you're ready to un-beta the site.

Congratulations :)

The site looks great. I've

The site looks great.

I've got two suggestions.

One, it might be useful to have somewhere to go for the undecided with a link on the main menu, such as a most popular articles link, a site tour, feature article or most recent articles links.

Two, for the same reason it migh be useful to have a similar sort of link at the bottom of the about us page.