About Greg Holsclaw

My formal education revolved around Computer Science and Mathematics, finally graduating with a BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics, from San Jose State University. I then studied Actuarial Sciences and Finance (with risk modeling) for two years (passing three professional industry exams along the way) before coming back to my analytical, problem solving, computer programming/math roots.

For a 4 years span I was employed as a full-time Drupal Developer working on module development, theme implementations and full site constructions, as well as embarking on some entrepreneurial endeavors. That company (Trouve Media) and I were highlighted on Drupal.org when my article describing the Drupal implementation of HowToDoThings.com was promoted to the frontpage. I was also the lead architech/engineer for AboutAirportParking.com, which was acquired in the summer of 2010 by Oversee.net (while I worked for T2Media, a spin out of Trouve Media). Also made a theme heavy site for the church I attended in my last city, www.vintagechurch.org.

More recently, having reached some financial security, I resigned from my T2Media Lead Architect role (crafting www.rvparking.com, www.vacationrental.com among other sites) to embrace the freedom and challenges of creating my own iOS studio, Skejo Studios in Santa Cruz, CA. In 2012 I followed up my successful Dog Park Finder apps (over 200K downloads) with a few new titles, while branching into iOS game development with some friends from the Game and Playable Media PhD program at UC Santa Cruz.

Now I am turning back toward web app startups, working with Python and Django.

I have three iOS apps releases which are frequently in the top 100 or top 50 for Travel apps, including the Dog Park Finder for the iPad and the free iPhone Dog Park finder version. Also a few more travel apps are in the works on a contract basis.

I have cleared 30 years old, happily married for over 11 years and always looking forward to exciting new opportunities.