Book Review - Drupal Multimedia

Finally I have found time to read Drupal Multimedia. As an active multimedia developer Aaron Winborn has this topic covered.

Who is it for? You need to read this book if you are want to learn how to make Drupal pop with rich media. Helpful examples and walkthroughs for most of the well used modules are given. If you want to know more about any of these modules, or if you don't even know what these modules can do.

Quick Progression

  • Intro - CCK - Views - Themes
  • Images for admins and editors - Creating Gallery - Teasers - Embedded Images
  • Developing for Images
       Image node - Multiple images - Resizing - Views and slideshows
       Embedded Media
  • Theming Images - Styling Views - Investigating media theming - Overiding image nodes - Image affects

The middle chapters

Lastly Aaron ends the book with a 'Future of Drupal' section which covers what might be next for Drupal in:

  • File Handling
  • Multipurpose
  • UX
  • embedded widgets
  • Mobile web
  • New media - Second life/Wii

I have a few more extensive example that I want to share of how I implemented ideas from this book. But that is for another time. As I said that the start, if you are starting a new Drupal project and you want or need to add rich types of media, pick up this book to assist and enhance your projects.