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Python and Django

'Sure, why not', I said to myself. To keep extending my skill set in the tech industry is a must, so I decided that as I transition back to webapps from iOS apps, I would learn something new as I created my new project (more on that later).

Instead of jumping back to the familiar PHP/Drupal combination that has served me well for, and other such properties, I decided to take Python on finally, and one of its web frameworks, Django.

I will write a bit more Django specific posts in the future, but just wanted a nice starting place. This is not going to be a helper post for either Python or Django, just a quick list of some assets I used in the first few weeks as I was getting spun up, and shot in the right direction.

First, the main docs for Django are at But as a starter, I worked through all six of the tutorials they have listed there. A good first lap around the track to learn the basics of Django.

Next, I read Two Scoops of Django. A quick primer of tips and best practices, a good read at a great price.

Obviously, I needed some good Python resources as well.
I worked through Python The Hard Way. has a Python listing, as well as a ton of other great resources.

Lastly, some quick reference sheets to live on the desk were needed.

Python Cheatsheet by Dave Child
Django Cheat Sheet by RevSys.

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