How I am Motivated

So on, I came across a few posts stating the lack of motivation, or taking a few weeks off because they just didn't feel like working on their iOS project. Being only six weeks into the full time indie dev situation, I guess I haven't hit that wall yet. Or since I am not doing this nights and weekends, but full time I have a bigger downside if I lose focus since I don't have a regular salary backing me up.

I choose to go full time, leaving behind a pretty good salary. I did this so I would have the freedom and time to pursue some personal and profession goals I want. But I also have to make money long term, so this isn't just a hobby excursion.

My goals as an independent developer, and founder of new iOS studio, Skejo Studios, are two-fold: create a lasting iOS company; work on games and projects that will use myself.

Still trying

Still trying to be more consistent here. I guess I am waiting for some major Drupal or programming inspiration to strike and then I can write about it.

I am going to be reviewing Drupaltin, a new Drupal/vBulletin integration project. It looks promising so I will report on it later. Also, I am processing my thoughts on a possibly needed new drupal hook function. More to come a bit later as well. I better keep at this, since Tracy has encouraged me to keep up this blog as well as

Also I have recently published two new articles on, about the need for Drupal and vBulletin forums mixed. Until then.....

Once Again

Wow. So I am following up an entry called 'Too Long' by waiting forever to make a new post.

Too long

Well, it has been a pretty long time since I last posted. Been really busy with the holiday and transitioning to a new job. I have been reviewing much of the Drupal 5.0 changes from 4.7. Also, besides tying up some loose at my old job, I am also reviewing a few of the initial sites that my new position wants to migrate into Drupal. Some of their new sites are simple transistional that will be simple to move, but others have hundreds of pages whose URLs must be preserved, as well as much of the functionality. I will be reviewing current Drupal modules to see if much of the needs are met right now, but also might have to code new modules for our purposes.

Greg's Resume/CV

Attached is my current resume. All inquiries for short or long term contracts are welcome.

About Greg Holsclaw

My formal education revolved around Computer Science and Mathematics, finally graduating with a BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics, from San Jose State University.

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