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Hello! Drupal Announced

Through many crazy paths and a book proposal that some have seen already, I am embarking on writing Hello! Drupal for Manning Publications, the creator of the popular 'In Action' series. Manning has an Early Access program where some of the unedited chapters are available for free, and all chapters are available to anyone who pre-orders through the site.

Currently Chapter 1, 'Drupal, A Hammer that hits many Nails' is available to the public. I also plan on writing many tutorials here as well on the Handbook pages that intersect with the material that will be found in the full book.

Manning also said they can setup a direct affiliate program earning 15% of sales for Drupal.org and any partners who buy through the Drupal.org affiliation.

At the Sunnyvale 2007 DrupalCon, there was a conversation about the competitive and complimentary nature of the different OS CMSs out there (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress...) and how through all the efforts the complete solution space will be search out. In the same way the more books that are being written about Drupal, the wider the reach for readers, regardless if some of the books overlap in content around the edges.

Hello! Drupal will be an introductory book, that assumes no Drupal or developer experience. A book for the unskilled technology enthusiast. Not everyone has the time or budget to make an awesome Warner Bros. Records kind of site, as there are plenty of mom-pop stores, independent authors, churches, local charities and bloggers who want more than a blog who can leverage Drupal to create their first web presense, and this book will help them do that.

I believe that Drupal covers a great and growing swath of the solution space for CMS/CMFs, and likewise this book will broaden the user base of Drupal for many first-time website builders.

From the Manning announcement page...

Drupal.org, the official home of Drupal on the web, describes Drupal as an "Open Source content management platform." That's a really boring description for a really cool piece of software.

How cool is Drupal?

  • FastCompany.com uses Drupal to react automatically to reader behavior and present the most relevant news and features.
  • Popular Science magazine uses Drupal as an online publishing platform.
  • Yahoo! and AOL use Drupal for internal websites because of its flexible permissions system and user-friendly content updating features.
  • Amherst University uses Drupal for a public-facing website and academic support services that add to classroom and distance-learning experiences.
  • MTV, Sony, and Warner Brothers use Drupal for sites that blend rock-solid content management with advanced multimedia.

Whether you have a full staff and a bottomless budget like MTV, or you're just starting your first website, Drupal is a great way to bring your ideas to life. Hello! Drupal will help you get going, fast.

Hello! Drupal is a fun, engaging tutorial that introduces Drupal and shows you how to build Drupal-powered sites quickly and easily. This friendly, fully-illustrated book starts with the absolute basics for the new Drupal user—setting up your computer to use Drupal, building your first pages, creating user accounts, and so forth. By following a series of interesting examples, you'll learn to manage both small and large blocks of content as well as how to add navigational features like tags, menus, catalogs, and search.

With the fundamentals well in hand, you'll learn to build rich interfaces that include color, motion, and sound. You'll also pick up valuable techniques for building and supporting user communities. Along the way, you'll find out how to participate in the large community of Drupal users around the world.

Hello! Drupal is for readers with little or no experience with Drupal. If you've done websites using another technology, this book will help you use what you already know in Drupal. If you're brand new to the web, Hello! Drupal is a great place to start your adventure.

What's in a Drupal book?

I have to admit that I hadn't played with Drupal 6 all that much until most recently. So some of the cool whiz-bang features had been lost on me until then. I had ready about them on the development lists, but had not actually used them until the last month or so. The updates to the Book module, though not groundbreaking or technically cutting edge, are great usability improvements.

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