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Phases of Level Polish on Lab Bunnies

Having not taken a regular course of level design outside those offered by the experiences of life and trial and effort, I now endeavor to document the phases of level design and polishing that went into Lab Bunnies, now available in the AppStore.

Steps in Brief

  • Hand Drawn Designs
  • Constructed in Level Editor (at times by another person)
  • Game Tested and Tweaked for Playability by original designer (in case the original design was untenable or not fun)
  • Level replayed many times to gauge correct time and movement bonuses
  • Decorations were added (by original designer or another)
  • After all this, a series play testing revealed a some levels that needed further improvement or updates.

Lab Bunnies Coming Oct 25th

We at Skejo Studios are glad to announce our debut title Lab Bunnies, which weaves the story of the first, super smart, cloned sheep, crafting their own creations, cloned bunnies. But as they experiment on their own clones, someone is still experimenting on them.

Lab Bunnies is an iPhone/iPod touch top scrolling puzzle platformer. Created for casual players and serious gamers alike, but either way, we are crafting a delightful game.


Lab Bunnies, the Facts

  • iPhone 5 ready, along with iPhone 4(S)/iPod Retina and iPhone 3GS resolutions
  • Over 200 sections to complete, presented in 72 levels and 3 different worlds
  • Casual game play, with challenges for the die hard gamers
  • Intuitive one touch controls, with alternative Left/Right/Jump buttons
  • Natural progressions for casual players
  • iCloud progress syncing (get a new iOS device and your progress goes with you

Teaser Trailer
Screen Shots
Game Link
Purchase (works only on 10/25/2012 and after)

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 5 ready
  • iPhone 4(S) & 4th Gen iPod Retinal-graphics * Playable on non-retinal devices
  • Requires iOS 4.2 or later
  • 21.0 MB
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