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It is the new year and I decided I needed to clean off my desk, and since it looked so clean, I snapped a quick picture. I currently am working from home as the company I work for has gone virtual, which is why I have this setup in the first place.

(click for full image)

*Lenovo T61 ThinkPad 15.4" 1680x1050 screen (company provided w/ docking station)
*24" Dell Monitor 1920x1200 screen (company provided)
*Apple Macbook 14" 1280x800\
*Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
*Logitech Thumbscroll mouse
*TrendNet KVM (allows the 24" monitor, keyboard and mouse to be shared by the Thinkpad and MacBook)
*iPad (hard to see, used for Drupal powered iOS app testing, other stuff)
*iPhone 4 (taking the picture)
*iPhone 3 (not pictured, keeping for backward compatibility of iOS apps)
*Brother Printer/Fax/Scanner w/ Drum ink (b/w only but uses less ink long term)
*Whiteboard and PostIts used to keep different projects and priorities in front of me.

The laptop screen is where I keep my mail program and other readable items that I might need as I code.

The main 24" monitor is where the main coding and testing happens.

Hidden behind my Komodo IDE window, is a FF Browser with Drupal Planet. There are a ton of Drupal 7 released announcements right now, in case you missed that.

Other items of interest:
*I am a hockey fan in San Jose, CA, thus the Sharks poster.
*The nearly ever present coffee mug is actually missing.
*Hidden under the laptop stand are snacks and TicTacs.
*Super cheap speakers don't give any bass.

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