Drupal 6 Ultimate Community Site Guide Review

Recently I received a review copy of Drupal 6 Ultimate Community Site Guide (2nd edition) and I jotted down some notes as I went through the book. I am currently constructing a more community focus site, and I was hopeful to learn a few pointers along the way. There both ebook and paperbook versions of the book.

My general impressions is that the book tries to tackle some important site building tasks using Views, Panels, CCK, and other important contributed modules, while also focusing on the using standard core modules (and more that will be in Drupal 7 core) which is important for future proofing the site. The author, Dorien does a good job to use tackle many modules that fill out a community site, but of course you can't tackle them all in 150 pages (no User Badges, cursory mention of blogs, and Organic Groups is not fleshed out much).

Keep reading for a chapter by chapter breakdown of the book.

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