seo possibly over using nofollow attribute

I know I missed the initial discussion when the 'rel=nofollow' attribute was attached to all 'Filtered HTML' content by turning on the 'Spam link deterrent' function, but I believe using the nofollow attribute on all these posts is detrimental to It is true that link spam is always an issue for major sites, but the current solution is not fairly applied and is detrimental to search engine results.

First, when most links are marked as nofollow, the true internal (or organic) structure of the site is discounted, and the programmatic menu links are the only form of organization. Secondly, the users that have access to the 'Full HTML'filter don’t get their links marked, while the rest of us are marked as nofollow, which seems less than fully equitable. I am only bringing this up since I believe it may impact the future growth of, even if just a little bit.

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