Still trying

Still trying to be more consistent here. I guess I am waiting for some major Drupal or programming inspiration to strike and then I can write about it.

I am going to be reviewing Drupaltin, a new Drupal/vBulletin integration project. It looks promising so I will report on it later. Also, I am processing my thoughts on a possibly needed new drupal hook function. More to come a bit later as well. I better keep at this, since Tracy has encouraged me to keep up this blog as well as

Also I have recently published two new articles on, about the need for Drupal and vBulletin forums mixed. Until then.....

New Job

Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have updated here, and much has happened. First I have received a new job. I have finally made the career move to full time website development, and better yet, I will be primarily using Drupal. A cool search marketing, lead generation and general online publishing company has been making the switch from a custom CMS to Drupal and had room for a technical developer to help out full time, and they picked me.

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