Drupal Link To Us Module

Quickly wanted to announce that I have created a Link to Us module that creates a page to display uploaded banners that can be used by others to link to your Drupal site.

The module will create well formed SEO links with full title, alt and anchor text determined by the node title, taxonomy term or other pages that are directed to the module. This allows users or writing contributors the ability to use consistent banners to link to your site. Also, link campaigns have a natural page that can be used to establish consistent, well formed links.

A demo can be found at the sponsoring site.

Configuration options:
Select which node types should be linked to.
Upload and manage the link banners.
Turn on/off a text based link.
Added explanatory text to the top of the links page.

Add greybox, thickbox, and/or lightbox popup linking page.
Upgrade to Drupal 6.
Update to use Drupal 6 modal popup display of linking page.


thanks for the

thanks for the module!