Drupal's Proven Productivity Boost Explains it All

Browsing the last day's set of blog posts to Drupal Planet is proof positive that Drupal enhances productivity so much that we have extra time for leisure posting. Of course, my own contribution is equally devoid of 'professional' merit or helpful support (need to finish an SEO book review), but these all contribute to the 'Drupal Rocks!' motif of the Drupal community.

First, there is the Drupal Cube. Drive behind this Nissan Cube and the Drupalicon will be staring you right back in your windshield.

Next, there is the Great Drupalkin hunt of 2009. Check out pingVision's pumpkin/Drupalicon hybrid.

Lastly, there has been a rule change and some fun on IRC.

Seriously, if we have time to post this stuff, Drupal must rock! Hope to see more.

BTW, did you hear that the Whitehouse is using Drupal!!!