Drupal, a Second Place Finish

The winner of the Packt Open Source Content Management System for 2006 has been announced, with Drupal coming in second place. Joomla!, was the overall winner. Even though Joomla has only been officially released for a year, compared to Drupal which has been out for 6 years, its user base has moved to Joomla from its predecessor, Mambo.

As noted in the Drupal community, this is great publicity for all open source projects, with Drupal scoring a moral victory in the voting. Technically there was a tie between Drupal and Joomla, with a recruited fourth judge deciding the winner. Since the users of the CMSs were able to vote, that the smaller, and obviously more energized and committed user base of Drupal, was able to stand firm against a large Joomla following.

The Drupal following of users and developers can be characterized as more committed due to the longer learning curve which seems to garner more loyalty from those you make the hurdle of learning the ins and outs of the system. Drupal's strengths in extensibility and scalability, along with some complexity, can be a hindrance for the casual blogger to get past. This was noted when Drupal was choosen as the CMS for IBM development.

But most of these worries will be a thing of the past when Drupal 5.0 is released (in beta testing now). It has a re-organized administration panel, a browser based installation system, and a sleek new defualt theme. To reduce the learning curve, Drupal 5.0 also can be distributed in preconfigured installations, or recipes. The ability to package third party modules, along with the core, hooked into the installation system will make numerous 'out of the box' configurations possible. So a developer could make a blogger distributions, media hosting distributions, collabrative writing distributions and maybe even one for classroom education.

A second place finish may look good for the trophy mantle this year, but with Drupal 5.0 and beyond it seems that a 1st place prize for years to come may be on order.

I think Drupal would've

I think Drupal would've stolen the show hands down had it been 5.0 that was put up against Joomla! I just don't see why people whine so much about manual Drupal installation... it's so simple!

I'm curious to know how much traffic is coming here from my site... I got a huge spike with the front page article (1200+ hits). Also, you might check this link out: http://drupal.org/node/97826. I'm offering to help in whatever way I can, though people more qualified may decide to pipe up and help him out.

Yes, I saw that. I don't

Yes, I saw that. I don't know if I am qualified, but I also lack the time it seems to make a true commitment to that. It did intrigue me when I read it this morning.

I have Google Analytics on here, and it says I get about 8% from you this week, 54% from drupal.org, and the rest is me (just kidding :) ).

I have two articles in the works, if I am lucky one of them will hit the frontpage. One is on Skejo.com and how I made it, and the other is concerning the Permissions structure and how to improve it.

I think Joomla is a great

I think Joomla is a great CMS, but can't say whether they deserve it or not as I am soon to explore Drupal more in depth. The two are so radically different though, and I'm sure both have strengths over the other (so far I've noticed templating issues). I knew from the get go it would be between Joomla and Drupal.