Drupal, Start Here! - ebook

Whether you’re just starting your first website or you want to do a major web-based project, Drupal is a the way to bring your ideas to life and Drupal, Start Here will help you start quickly.

Drupal, Start Here is a fun, engaging tutorial that introduces Drupal and shows you how to build Drupal-powered sites quickly and easily. This friendly, fully-illustrated book starts with the absolute basics for the new Drupal user—setting up your computer to use Drupal, building your first pages, creating user accounts, and so forth. By following a series of interesting examples, you’ll learn to manage both small and large blocks of content and how to add navigational features like tags, menus, catalogs, and search.

Drupal, Start Here is for readers with little or no experience with Drupal. If you’ve done websites using another technology, this book will help you use what you already know in Drupal. If you’re brand new to the web, Drupal, Start Here is a great place to start your adventure.

Drupal, Start Here was written for people who are interested in taking control of their websites, and how they can use the Internet to further convey their ideas. Non-tech savvy individuals can follow along with the examples to get over the learning curve quickly to create powerful websites using Drupal. Beginners new to website construction, as well as developers who are new to Drupal can quickly learn the „Drupal Way‟ for building their websites. No prior knowledge of Drupal is assumed from the reader.

What Is In This Book

Chapter 1
We will discuss the background and growth of Drupal, while covering how to create and maintain pages on your website. Managing small blocks of content will also be cover along with high level content management.

Chapter 2
We will cover how set up your site‟s structure, including categorizing your content with the Taxonomy module. Every site needs a good set of navigation links and we will use the menu system to set that up. Lastly we will make sure your site is ready to be searched.

Chapter 3
Investigating the building your site community is the topic of this chapter. Creating user profiles, contacting members, and creating polls to gauge their opinions is covered.

Chapter 4
Encouraging your members to interact is essential for a community site. This chapter will explore the blogging tools, forums and commenting on both. How to track all this new content will also be covered.

Chapter 5
We will discuss bringing content of other types into your site. Uploading files, aggregating content from content feeds as well as translating your content into other languages are discussed.

Chapter 6
Wrapping up the main Drupal modules is the focus of this chapter. The numerous security and utility modules as well as other site configurations are wrapped up by this chapter.

Book Details

  • Published: July 2009
  • eBook: 179 Pages
  • 201 Illustrations
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-615-30843-2

About the Author
Greg Holsclaw is a full-time Drupal guru. He has implemented numerous Drupal-based projects, including www.aboutairportparking.com and www.howtodothings.com, which was selected as one of the top seven Drupal cases studies. He is also a Drupal Planet blogger and a technical reviewer for Selling Online with Drupal e-Commerce.