Drupal Userpoints and the big Boys

In the last two weeks I have come across three different venture backed groups that are trying to help sites 'Gamify' their member interactions. Peanut Labs, Badgeville and Big Door will let you give out virtual currencies, attain badges and other such awards.

With Drupal you can avoid vendor look in and implement many or all of these features through a variety of modules and maybe some custom code to meet your specific feature requirements.

Userpoints -> your virtual currency that can be given and taken away with various add on modules or programmatically through the provided API.
User Badges -> gives you all the badges that you needed (own graphics or free images needed). Integrates with userpoints and many of the modules to help automate the assignment of badges.
User Titles - Give users custom titles, integrates with userpoints and other modules.
Ubercart -> Create your virtual store to spend you virtual currency with.

And many many more modules can stir up the mix.

Also you can set up userpoint taxonomies which will allow you to create separate leaderboards for different site activities (most voting, most blogging, ....).

Granted, one key areas that all of these business help is with the instant UI that they provide. Very true, and w/o a dev/designer it will be hard to match the UI that is provided.

But besides that, if you run a Drupal site you will never need to pay for such Gamify services.

Is there anything I am missing that Drupal can/should do to help 'Gamify' a site?

Long live Drupal.