YSlow Small site review

I always check YSlow before a new site launch, but I don't remember when they updated the look and functionality. Maybe it is the FF 3.5 version. But regardless it is great to see that the look resembles the vertical tabs from the new content editing form in Drupal 7.

Click for large image.

Beyond the surface change, the have also added a new Small Site or Blog setting that changes what is evaluated, CDN, Etags, Cookie Domains and AJAX compression are not used in the scoring.

This is encouraging since the new site now has a score of 89. Then when I turn on CCS and JS aggregation the score jumps to 98. I imagine reducing background images and moving a few more JS scripts to the bottom would get close to a perfect 100, but I am not reaching for that number anyway.

But the new scoring is great since it focuses on what small to mid-level sites can actually work on, since CDN and JS/AJAX compression is just not really workable for such sites. A score of 98 lets me know that I am really done with the stuff that should concern a smaller sized site.