Hook on Drush for Windows

So I have heard of Drush for years now, saw my first demo at the Boston DrupalCon but since I do all my dev work on a Windows machine I didn't catch the Drush wave (I kept hearing it was *nix only).

It has always been in the back of my mind to keep looking back into Drush, but somehow I missed the major 2.0 update in June and that it works on Windows now. When I saw Morton's Mac Drush post and revisited my Windows issue, and now I am a convert.

Already there is an install guide written two week ago that I have verified works perfectly for my Vista Business 64 bit machine. Drush is up and running on my dev system now and I am already addicted.

Check out Development Seeds drush intro video, and its set of drush tagged articles.

Now all you Windows devs can drink the Drush with me!