Eradicate Week 12: New Menus and Messages

For this week's update on our Eradicate iPad game at Skejo Studios, I wanted show a bit of the direction we are head with the art assets.

First we have received an initial scan of a possible load screen. We might mess with it a bit, cropping or framing it, but it is done. The example below also shows the improved game setup screen where you can cycle through the commanders photos, instead of just their names. Colorized version of all assets will be delivered shortly.

Also, we have been trying to get the messages a bit more useful. We had a few play testing friends and family give feedback over the Christmas holiday. The two main items that arose were: The messages were well placed or drawn, and certain controls needed to be on the current city in the game. So I spent last week fixing those issues.

The above is the better laid out and better looking end turn message screen.

This is a close up on a city, where we have placed the Move, Fight, and Build controls next to the active city. We still need to update the player markers, the '+'s.

Besides that, there has been plenty of playtesting, bug squashing, performance tweaking and other programming endeavors that I just can't bear to all write about.

There is plenty of polishing left to go, but it is nice to be in that phase of the development, where the features are all there, just need to tweak and improve them. And get the artwork colorized and cropped. Doh!