Eradicate Week 15: Loadscreens and Beta Testing

We have been working hard at Skejo Studios pulling together all the loose ends as far as sounds effects, artwork, Game Center integration and QA/Beta testing our game, Operation: Eradicate.

I am super glad to announce that the load/menu screen is now completed by the artist and has been crafted into the game, as seen below.

Also, we have incorporated the final commander photos into the regular game, as well as the New Game Setup screen.

Through our initial batch of beta testing, we did find out that the controls on the iPhone were a bit too small. Lots of mis-touches, or un-recognized touches. We don't want to frustrate our players into deleting the app, so we reworked the sizes of these buttons in numerous places.

Lastly, we have received the last bit of sound effects from Joshua Kaplan of Thanks for those. Music is done by