Eradicate Week 9 - Name Change and other updates

After a bit a break from blogging, I wanted to give another quick update regarding the state of this project. Skejo Studios,, is moving full steam ahead on our strategy game project, but it is taking longer than we anticipated. But hopefully, the longer the bread rises, the better it tastes.

First, the project name, 'Outbreak', has now been replaced by the game name, 'Operation: Eradicate'. Various internal discussions lead to this final name. I have updated many of the various links and names around the site to reflect the update.

We are now shooting for an end of January or mid February release to the app store.

Lastly, here are two uncolored pics of the commanders that will be used in the game and in marketing materials.

This is a dev diary about our Eradicate project (view all posts here). Also visit Skejo Studios to see all we are doing there.