Google Maps, Drupal and Dog Parks

I am always so amazed at how Drupal lets me get straight to the new/important stuff. With the great Google Maps module, Views and Imagecache with Thickbox for galleries and some custom material, I was able to throw together a local dog parks site for my wife (the regional maps and actual dog park pages are further along). Since all these cool modules were already contributed, I was able to work quickly on a tool to let other sites embed the content we have collected (hopefully the point of differentiation from other such sites). This is where using Drupal really let me shine as a developer. I can quickly get to the point of the new/exciting development, since so much ground has already been broken with Drupal core and contributed modules. Read on for a fuller explanation.

With Views and the GMAP module, I am already spitting out my content into a Google map on our site. But for dog clubs around the country, we figured they might want a constantly updating map that they could embed into their own pages. Of course, for Google Maps to work on a site, they would need a Google API key, so a potential webmaster/editor is directed to Google to get the said key. After that, they simply must pick the local area they want to embed, the size of the map, and through the magic of the Forms API, and some knowledge of the Google Maps API/Javascript, out comes an embedded map.

Denver Area Dog Parks

Once again, I am very grateful for Drupal. EDIT: Now I am horrified. The marker text is duplicating.

Once again, I am very

Once again, I am very grateful for Drupal. EDIT: Now I am horrified. The marker text is duplicating.

Heh. While we haven't had that bug come up, Agaric is getting into GMap pretty deep for the World Social Forum 2008 site.

There is allegedly a now a theme hook for pop-ups. I'm not doing that part but Dan may be able to help you out.

I wondered if your addition was public yet-- in particular I'm interested in how you did the "pick the local area" part. Thanks!

Yes, that is exactly what I

Yes, that is exactly what I am using. I am overriding with phptemplate_views_view_gmap($view, $results) and phptemplate_gmap_views_marker_label($view, $fields, $entry). That is how I was able to get the three custom markers on the maps (using a switch inside the theming functions).

I setup the view to include all the fields that I want in the popup, and then removed the longitude and latitudes (since they are ugly there). A bit more general view theming, assigned the URL to be 'taxonomy/term/ $arg' and the local map displays were done.

Hi. I like what you did with

Hi. I like what you did with your map of Dog Parks. I had a question about the Google Maps module for Drupal. I downloaded the Google Map module for 5.x but the installation instructions states it's outdated. What were the instructions you followed to get your map up? Thanks for the help.

Nice site, added it to my

Nice site, added it to my favorites (as in fav drupal projects). I was wondering though, where did you find a database with dog parks?

No database found, just

No database found, just doing research on city/county pages in regional areas. That is why we made the site, we didn't think there was a good resource at all for this kind of thing.