Full Relaunch Explained

How To Do, is a community sharing their expertise to solve people’s problems. After 6 months of specifications, migrations, module development, theme designing and beta testing, we are please to announce the full relaunch of

In my full d.o. posting,, I detail the following points:

  • What we left behind - a homespun based CMS
  • Out of the box suprises - what the non-developers were happily surprised with in Drupal
  • How Drupal decreases our development cycles - from from core to contributed modules
  • Using the Google AdSense API
  • How we are looking forward to D6 -multi-lingual, here we come
  • Giving back to the d.o. community - committed core and contributed patches
  • How we did it - some highlights for the obligatory "what went into the site"

I have also written up a long example of how the Drupal framework greatly reduced the development cycle time for new features through a mix of contributed modules and custom code. Enjoy. -Greg

Congratulations, Greg!

Congratulations, Greg! Haven't been by here in a while, but the final site looks awesome and the write up was perfect. Great way to make the front page of ; )

Ubercart is going great and my boss is sending me off to Drupalcon to promote and teach about it! It's sort of a work trip/wedding present from him, since he's sending me with my wife (got married August 18th : ). Basically, things are going well, and I'm hoping to start up a small Drupal shop here in Louisville doing module development and site construction for folks. (Will take me a bit to get that site fixed up since I'm doing it between my full time job, being married, settling into our new house, and trying to score a few side jobs. : P)

Anyways... keep up the good work and see you around!'s is's is terrible for writers trying to earn money and protect their work.

It is NOT OK to rip off writers by assuming all rights to any accepted content, published or not, in exchange for only 50% of Google Adsense earnings on individual article pages, and then resell them elsewhere without paying the writer. And all with the option of using the writer's name and likeness no matter how the material is used.

Terrible! Programs/sites like this should be shut down.

If you want to make ethical, change your policy so your writers don't lose their livelihood.

Quite a few assumptions have

Quite a few assumptions have been made concerning this post. First we don't resell the content to anyone. I imagine that our standard disclaimer means we might be able to, but as the in house technical developer, I know that we don't. Second, you assume that all of our contributor are trying to make money off their articles. This is not really true. Most of them write because they have something to share and our platform/microphone is larger than their own personal blogs. The money is just a side bonus for most of our friends who write. Third, you are assuming they all could get more money elsewhere. We are sure that many middle tier bloggers and free-lance writers can get gigs better than what we are offering, but for some, what we share is more then they had before. Lastly, you are making the claim that our writers are under compulsion to write for us, but at any time they can start contributing to other places. We don't make any exclusive claims to their content. has a 6 year history of working with our writers, forming friendships and a community of expertise. I am sorry you feel this way, but it is just not true of our site.

another great site! Are all

another great site! Are all those articles written by volunteers? I've also built some rev sharing sites recently but I find it hard to find enthusiastic writers. That's probably in part because new sites don't make much money.