Leverage Existing Tools

From my years in industry, I know that re-inventing the wheel, just so I can say it is my wheel is a huge form of waste. So just as I leveraged Drupal as a CMS platform in designing and developing high caliber websites (like www.DogGoes.com/parks and www.vacationrentalhub.com), we will be using the Cocos2D framework, www.cocos2d-iphone.org, to develop equally great iOS games. At Skejo Studios I don't place on just making games, but a couple projects will be entertainment related.

Though we have many iOS dev books, we also procured Learning Cocos2D to just start our dev process (check back soon for my book review). I read all 500+ pages in two evenings. With a highlighter, a pencil, a notebook and many creased pages, I tore apart the book. Then spent half a day working through any examples that could be directly used on the two projects I have in the planning phase.

Periodically we will dig through the following sites for gems and solutions to an issue we are having.

www.raywenderlich.com - Ray and his tutorial team have some great write-ups and resources.

And of course for Cocos2d API references

http://www.cocos2d-iphone.org/api-ref/latest-stable/annotated.html - if you just like browsing all the available API functions.

In the future, I will write about any other tools I find. Again, why spend 80% of your time re-inventing the wheel and 20% on core app programming when you can leverage great (and sometimes free) tools and change the equation to 80% time programming an awesome app or game.