Current Projects

Here is the list of my current open-source, contract or other projects. Check my About page for more historical projects.

Skejo Studios is the current main project I am working on. Launching a new iOS studio, building a team, fleshing out ideas and of course coding a tremendous amount of time, doesn't leave much room for other things. Will try to keep iOS projects updated here, but check out the studio site for the latest upcoming and released projects. still is growing and we have the next evolution in the works. We also have released the Dog Park Finder for the iPad and the free iPhone Dog Park finder version. Both will soon be updated to include dog friendly restaurants and post directly to the Drupal site new content.

Hey, excellent to see you've

Hey, excellent to see you've got a 5.0 site up and running. :) I recently converted my old site to the latest CVS to get my hands on Garland... loving it, of course. I'll try and get an article up at Skejo later about installing Drupal on cPanel w/o using Fantastico. I just walked a guy through the process at my host's forums.

Hey, great work on the

Hey, great work on the skateboarding site. I'm impressed.

I am glad it is working out.

I am glad it is working out. The graphics were provided by the owner, but I had to Drupalize it for block/region functionality and to make the headers/CSS issue work. Still a bit more to go. :)