New Job

Wow, it has been a few weeks since I have updated here, and much has happened. First I have received a new job. I have finally made the career move to full time website development, and better yet, I will be primarily using Drupal. A cool search marketing, lead generation and general online publishing company has been making the switch from a custom CMS to Drupal and had room for a technical developer to help out full time, and they picked me.

Definitely blessed to be apart of a cool new team, and can't wait to get started come January. In the meantime, I still need to make some headway in overviewing Drupal 5.0 and seeing how vbDrupal must migrate to the new APIs and module setups.

The future is looking busy, but at least I will be working more where my passions and skills be utilized.

Awesome news, man. Work at

Awesome news, man. Work at Ubercart is going well and keeping me busy, too. : )

I envy you ! Full time

I envy you ! Full time Drupal development - can't beat that ... congratulations are in order ...

Congrats Greg good to see

Congrats Greg

good to see the time invested into Drupal has its rewards