To explore the tech world, though mostly focusing on iOS, Django, and Drupal development Sometimes it isn’t the perfect that gets in the way of the good, but the revolutionary gets in the way of the evolutionary.

Drupal, a Second Place Finish

The winner of the Packt Open Source Content Management System for 2006 has been announced, with Drupal coming in second place. Joomla!, was the overall winner. Even though Joomla has only been officially released for a year, compared to Drupal which has been out for 6 years, its user base has moved to Joomla from its predecessor, Mambo.

Syndicate Block Code

Attached is the code snippet that was used to create the extra symbols in the syndicate block. I used the base code from the original Syndicate block, created a new block with the same name and then added this code. I saw most of this on already (that is where I got the idea), but then I modified it a bit and added the Technorati link as well.

Officially a vbDrupal Developer

After talking with elmuerte, the vbDrupal Project manager, I have been accepted as a vbDrupal dev.

Script Optimizations

Well, I just finished updating a script that was very inefficient for work. It is true that form and optimization come after function, but neither should be neglected long-term.

Originally the script was written to display a list of documents (with numerous links and attributes), with anchored headers for each group. The scripts took as input the ID for the section of docs to be listed. The database call was a good efficient call with 'Order By' sorting, three levels deep. But the original author then ignored the doc order and started looping through the docs looking for all the docs that belonged in each header section. Then the next header would be started and the whole list would be looped through again, only picking the other docs that matched that heading. Easily this works out that you must go through the entire record set a number of times equal to the number of headers.

Current Projects

Here is the list of my current open-source, contract or other projects. Check my About page for more historical projects.

Skejo Studios is the current main project I am working on. Launching a new iOS studio, building a team, fleshing out ideas and of course coding a tremendous amount of time, doesn't leave much room for other things. Will try to keep iOS projects updated here, but check out the studio site for the latest upcoming and released projects. still is growing and we have the next evolution in the works. We also have released the Dog Park Finder for the iPad and the free iPhone Dog Park finder version. Both will soon be updated to include dog friendly restaurants and post directly to the Drupal site new content.

Drupal Revision Deletion Module

I am finally written my first module for the Drupal community. Though I have written a few custom modules for, this is the first module that I can provide back to the community.

The Revision Deletion module has been released. Once I have my CVS account approved at, I will be submitting it at large. For now it can be downloaded here.

About Greg Holsclaw

My formal education revolved around Computer Science and Mathematics, finally graduating with a BS in Applied and Computational Mathematics, from San Jose State University.

Drupal and vbDrupal

Mostly, I am going to begin this little monologue by covering my increasing interests in Drupal and vbDrupal. I will mostly likely be cross-posting such thoughts on the Drupal and vbDrupal sections of, since that is my other knowledge warehouse. But only the more complete, article style thoughts will go there. Random thoughts that may eventually cumulate into articles will go here. I probably will boast of some of my more interesting exploits while design/constructing that site.

Site Launched

Well, I am finally in the early 21st century now that I have a blog of my own, though this little personal playground will grow into more than just a blog I imagine. It will be a personal thought bank on the Internet. I will mainly write down my wandering thoughts about the new tech that I encounter as I work my way more and more into the web developement industry.

Chiefly, I will muse about Drupal, the great open source content management system. My other venture/playground on the Internet,, is built on Drupal. I am sure that both will be mentioned more as this blog proceeds.

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