Praising Coder, easing the Drupal 6 upgrade path

Doug Green, maintainer of the Coder Module, get all the praise this morning. On a quick vacation, I decided it was time to finally upgrade the two small modules that I maintain. I haven't used Coder in a while (though I will be using it much more now), but I knew that it had a helper for upgrading D5 => D6. And what a breeze Coder made upgrading my modules.

I grabbed a new checkout of coder, added coder and my two modules to a stock install and reviewed my code. I was ashamed to find a few coding standard errors had infected my code (a few tab instead of 2 spaces, and 'else' on a few line) but the great work of spotting every API that had changed and giving either explicit instructions on how to fix it, or a link to the relevant Handbook page is excellent.

I was expecting that the simpler updates like the l() and url() changes would have guidance for the API change, which it did, but what blew me away was all the FormAPI help that was given. Not having to wade through all the documentation to adjust my form validations and submissions is awesome.

Now two more simple modules, Revision Deletion and Link To Us have Drupal 6 posts. Thank you again Doug, and all the contributor to Coder.

PS. I can't wait to try out the v2 updates ( Sounds very promising.