So many SoC projects for Drupal

So when I am trying to explain or evaluate the value or health of an open source project, the visibility of the project to the outside world is one key indicator. That being said, the Google Summer of Code (Drupal announcement, is a great measure to evaluate how a project is doing, and maybe where it is going, especially when compared to other like minded projects. Here is a quick breakdown of the number of projects that Google is sponsoring for a few hand picked projects.

Drupal: 21
Wordpress: 8
Joomla: 15
Plone: 5
Zope: 5
Xwiki: 10
Wikipedia foundation (partial MediaWiki) 4
Moodle: 12
Django (a python framework): 4

I might have missed another CMS/CMF project, but once again Drupal is on top in the number of projects sponsored by Drupal (one more than last year it seems). I believe this establishes that Drupal has a well running community that crafts acceptable projects that are well staffed, both from the student and mentor side. So many sponsored projects by Google means they are confident Drupal is worth investing in, and will be around for a long time. Great job Drupal.

A slight correction: you

A slight correction: you meant "Django".

True, true. I was composing

True, true. I was composing this in a rush during a lunch break. Need to proof read a bit better. :)