Still trying

Still trying to be more consistent here. I guess I am waiting for some major Drupal or programming inspiration to strike and then I can write about it.

I am going to be reviewing Drupaltin, a new Drupal/vBulletin integration project. It looks promising so I will report on it later. Also, I am processing my thoughts on a possibly needed new drupal hook function. More to come a bit later as well. I better keep at this, since Tracy has encouraged me to keep up this blog as well as

Also I have recently published two new articles on, about the need for Drupal and vBulletin forums mixed. Until then.....

Hey Greg... don't know much

Hey Greg... don't know much about Drupaltin besides I wish it had been developed in conjunction with the already existing Drupal vB code. ; ) Besides that, Ubercart is out! Woohoo! It's taken almost 6 months, but we're finally to the first alpha. hehe

Check out the announcement here:

Ryan, don't worry, the next

Ryan, don't worry, the next release will use your Drupal vB code!!

I didn't even want to release the alpha as early as I did but I had people wanting to get their hands on it for testing :P