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Well, it has been a pretty long time since I last posted. Been really busy with the holiday and transitioning to a new job. I have been reviewing much of the Drupal 5.0 changes from 4.7. Also, besides tying up some loose at my old job, I am also reviewing a few of the initial sites that my new position wants to migrate into Drupal. Some of their new sites are simple transistional that will be simple to move, but others have hundreds of pages whose URLs must be preserved, as well as much of the functionality. I will be reviewing current Drupal modules to see if much of the needs are met right now, but also might have to code new modules for our purposes.

It will be great to hit the ground running. :)

Hi Greg how will you

Hi Greg

how will you overcome this : hundreds of pages whose URLs must be preserved

as I will have 1000's of such pages to preserve

I realise Mod_rewrite is one solution however what if you need to preserve HTM for content pages and HTML for 1 INDEX/HOME page

good to be chatting again

Festive things and all

It's no problem to preserve

It's no problem to preserve URLs as long as you can enable clean URLs. Using that module, you can specify URLs like:

It'll look like it's the URL to a .htm file but still pull from Drupal like always...

So, it's not tough, just a pain. A big pain. Especially on large sites like that. The good thing is you don't have to figure out how you want to configure pathauto since everything's already named for you. : P