Officially a vbDrupal Developer

After talking with elmuerte, the vbDrupal Project manager, I have been accepted as a vbDrupal dev.

I am going to be helping with the Drupal 5.0 conversion/upgrade. Good times, helping out an open-source project. I also wrote a quick SourceForge vbDrupal Entry.

More to come I am sure.

Excellent news. Glad to

Excellent news. Glad to hear it. : )

BTW, I got the links up on my site. You made the cut. ; ) I like the new colors here, too.

I'm curious, how did you add the extra icons to your Syndicate block?

Yeah now I have to actually

Yeah now I have to actually help out. I have added some documentation, but now we need to work on the 5.0 updates.

Thanks for linking to me, hopefully I keep the content coming along. I saw your article posted on, made the frontpage even. Good job. ;)

As for the syndicate block, that is a custom block. I will send you the php snippet. Maybe I will attach it to a node soon as well.

Congratulations Greg, I am a

Congratulations Greg, I am a recent vbdrupal convert from cmsms and I am finding your website(s) extremely informative to get me started and setup. Want to thank elmuere for sharing this excellent fork. You will have another dedicated user soon... I am looking forward to all the patches and forum posts so my sites like look and behave as PHAT as yours !